The Art Room

What does The Art Room offer? We offer both those new to art-making and those with an established practice, a place to be inspired and challenged. A welcoming studio environment for students to connect, learn, explore, and develop, and above all, be supported in their creative journey.

Tell us about The Art Room. The Art Room started in 2011 and is an art class, studio workshop and all round creative hub. We offer a range of challenging, stimulating and inspiring classes and workshops including professional development, mentoring and life drawing. Our programs are tailored to adults of all abilities and experience.  

How do your teachings foster a sense of community? We believe that our strength of community starts with our teachers. They’re all experienced and respected professional artists that are passionate, generous, warm and inspiring. They create an environment where students feel respected, safe and supported to make mistakes, and challenged to try new things.

How are The Art Room courses unique? The Art Room is both an alternative and a support to current art education models. We want to help students build a rewarding long-term practice, not just a one-off creation. Our focus is developing a student’s own ideas, creative language and individual work.

What is The Art Room looking to achieve? We want those new to art-making to feel inspired by the potential of what is possible. For those already engaged in making, we know how isolating and challenging being an artist can be, so we want to provide resources and support your practice.

The Art Room is located at 125 Hyde St, Footscray.