Tell us about APOM. APOM isa collaboration between Norwegian-born Kajsa Kvernmo and Kate Brook who grew up in the Adelaide Hills. We make clothing women love to live in. Each season we create a fun, playful print that also tells a story. Each piece is thoughtfully created to wear throughout the year and across the seasons.
What influences APOM? We’re inspired by the world around us, we love referencing nature in our prints. Each collection tells a story about something that’s happening in our lives. The latest collection, Away We Go, references our recent trip to The Kimberley where Kajsa spent two months exploring the west coast of Australia.
Christmas to APOM is...Eating way too much and having lots of laughs with our loved ones. We always put up the decorations nice and early so everyone around us gets in the festive spirit.
When was APOM born? In our last year at university. We had a night out, confessed our love for each other’s work, and after a few drinks decided to start a label together. We have never looked back.
This Christmas we hope our customers…Have fun with their loved ones.

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