ACMI is presenting an Akira Kurosawa retrospective

Selected by legendary Australian film critic David Stratton, the curated selection of Kurosawa films will screen with specially imported 35mm prints. 

This retrospective consists of ten of the finest films made by Kurosawa, from Rashomon (1950) to Ran (1985), showcasing the auteur's masterful take on capturing action. 


Hugely influential, Kurosawa went on to inspire luminaries including John Ford, Francis Ford Coppola, George Lucas and Martin Scorsese.


“The best of Kurosawa’s films possess a grandeur combined with a common touch," says Stratton. "No one filmed action scenes like he did – his use of multiple cameras, long lenses and intricate editing combined to make these sequences unforgettable.”


Films programmed include Seven SamuraiThe Hidden FortressHigh and LowRed BeardKagemusha and more. 


Essential Kurosawa runs at ACMI from May 25 - June 8.