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Simone Z Joined: 21st July 2011
Last seen: 17th August 2012


He is the first man to stage a hunger strike in the name of rock'n'roll because 3XY wouldn't play him. He is a Melbourne pioneer in the art of home recording and releasing independent albums. He once chained himself to Molly Meldrum's fence. He introduced the now famous soundtrack artist and Dead Can Dance frontwoman Lisa Gerrard to the possibilities of reverb. Who is he? He's Ron Rude – Belgrave's number one public nuisance – and his expoits and adventures are back on stage. 

Written by award winning playwright, Kieran Carroll, 3XY OR I DIE! won Best Original Production from Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2002. Ten years on, director Ross Daniels adds a dash of 2012 with Rude talking about friends he's lost on the way and why ex-private schoolboys in the late 70s took the hardest St Kilda drugs around while he watched on: documenting, recording and keeping a day job.

Starring Mark E Lawrence as Mr Rude himself, as well as killer band of Melbourne indie musicians playing Rude's greatest hits, 3XY OR I DIE! Is both poignant and hilarious. Head to Gasometer Hotel from Wednesday May 30 – Sunday June 3 to check it out. To book, dial these digits: 9773 1210.