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Melbourne's Funky New Comic Book Store

The unique world of comics offers readers the opportunity to engage in mind-blowing, interesting and fun literature. The only problem is, where to start? Enter All Star Comics, Melbourne's two-week-old comic book hotspot.


Opened by two young guys with over ten years of comic retail experience, you can tell just by walking in that All Star Comics' vibe is different to other retailers. There's funky crooner music calmly playing in the background to make browsing the shelves a lot more fun, couches to help make sampling artwork more comfortable, and all this mixed in with a badass black-red-and-white colour scheme.


There are a couple more shelves to still be added in the coming weeks, but there's more than enough stock and friendly staff to start you up. I'd recommend listing some of your favourite movies and/or books to the staff and hear their recommendations of which graphic novels you'd enjoy. Gone are the tales of Batman slappin' Robin on the ass whilst they save kids' ice-cream cones from hitting the playground floor. Comics these days are gritty, complex and heavily tilted towards the adult market. Some of the coolest movies from the past few years, such as Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, The Dark Knight, Kick-Ass, Iron Man, Road to Perdition, V for Vendetta, Watchmen and even the ground-breaking award winning Catwoman were all first comic books.


So if you're interested in diving into this magical world, or sick of overhearing nerds arguing over what is the "worst. comic. everrr"/"worst. Angelina Jolie adoption. everrr" then head down to Level 1, 410 Lonsdale St. Melbourne 3000. Check out their blog at ascmelbourne.blogspot.com/ or their facebook at www.facebook.com/ascmelbourne for more info.