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La Toilette d'une Femme Exhibition

La Toilette d'une Femme is the name of the forthcoming exhibition at The Centre for Contemporary Photography, by Melbourne photographer Lyndal Walker.


The exhibition is a participant of the 2011 L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program, and is inspired by historical paintings of women dressing.


While the women who appeared in these paintings were mainly anonymous objects of male desire, Walker's images are portraits of women who consider dressing an important ritual, creative process, and a statement of their identity.


In some of the pictures, the photographer appears in the reflection of a mirror, acknowledging the presence of the photographer and the construction of the image.


The women in the photographs have distinctive personal styles, and Walker celebrates female expression through these images, as defined by women who enjoy clothing, rather than the influences of the fashion industry or raunch culture.


La Toilette d'une Femme runs from February 4 until April 3. A free artist talk with Lyndal Walker will take place at noon on Saturday February 5. The Centre for Contemporary Photography is at 404 George St Fizroy. Free entry.