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Rodney Rude

“If anyone cares to review my live show you're welcome, but make sure you write the worst things you can about me and print it in your shitbag rag and see how I still get heaps of people at the live shows.”


Thanks Rodney! We sure will. Because despite being a rude dickhead, you are hilarious. And quite successful as a result - album sales approaching four million, eight Aria nominations spread over 21 albums and DVDs, and a huge following. Rodney Rude is a comedy veteran and an expert on the kind of rude that especially pertains to the genital area. Ahem. Ladies.


His latest song is called I Tried To Fuck Dam Edna But Her Cock Got In The Way, which is fair enough, I suppose. I imagine it might be an issue.


The show dates for his current tour as are follows:


Westend - December 3

Skyways - December 7

York - December 8

Sandown - December 13

Werribee - December 14

Gateway - December 16

Shoppingtown - December 17

Sandbelt - December 19

and The Burval Hotel - December 20.


For all show info, head to rude.com.au.