Cinema's Other Room

Take a peek behind the velvet cinema curtains of your local multiplex and with the right sort of eyes and mind, you will find Cinema's Other Room, a one-man experimental film show that aims to open and expand the perception of what the medium of cinema is capable of.

With works from noted experimental filmmakers Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie, the films incorporated in this program are 100% hand processed and hand printed. Aligning themselves with the emerging global movement of 'dirty hands' film making and continuing the tradition of experimental film pioneers Len Lye and Stan Brakhage, Tuohy and Barrie’s filmic works are handmade experimental abstractions chronicling the visible world and the creatures that populate it.

Featuring seven recent works on 16mm film, the works exhibit a fascination with natural landscapes and the metamorphic power of the cinematic form. Exploring largely in-camera photographic techniques such as matting, multiple exposure, pixilation, re-photography and colour separation, Tuohy and Barrie seek to find a nexus between the camera and the subject, delving deep inside the landscapes and objects that are being explored.

Creating a kaleidoscope of cryptic celluloid convulsions, Touhy and Barrie’s work washes over the viewer like a hypnotic tidal wave of flickering film stock. Featuring rich reverberating soundscapes along with kinetic visuals, each of these short films is instilled with an inherit dose of technical curiosity and creativity, culminating in a stunning and inspirational statement of the transmogrification of the medium and artistic possibilities that the cinematic form can achieve.