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Craig Hill's Kilty Pleasures

How much ‘camp’ can you fit into a 70-minute show? Craig Hill packs as much gay content in a short amount of time than thought to be possible. From the get-go, Hill is one big ball of energy, bouncing on stage in a leather kilt while miming to the music of Madonna’s Hung Up. By the end of this perfectly choreographed routine – which even has him down on all fours at one stage – he leaves the audience is no doubt about his sexuality.
No audience member is safe in Kilty Pleasures. He flirts with straight men and picks on anything and everything in the audience members, mostly their dress sense or accents. Upon examining a group of middle-aged men in the front row, a delighted to Hill squeals: “I’m only assuming you’re all gay. But look at you all, it’s like a tribute to me!”
Most of the show is ad-lib, bar a few scripted anecdotes later in the show. Hill manages to be risky and insulting without truly offending. Hill manages to make fun of people living in the suburbs, city-slickers, homosexuals and heterosexuals, Aussies, the Irish and even Mariah Carey, claiming “she can make any song sound good and any dress look cheap!”
Hill wraps up the show with a tribute to Susan Boyle, which didn’t really add much to the show but was certainly entertaining. His finale was one to remember, as he invited two straight men on stage for a ‘gay-off’, teaching them Beyoncé’s All The Single Ladies dance.
Kilty Pleasures is a hilariously entertaining, politically incorrect show packed with camp comedy that never gets old or dry. A must see for all audiences; old or young, gay or straight.