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Posted 29 Mar 2017 @ 3:51pm

Melbourne is lucky enough to have one of the most abundant and diverse music scenes the world has to offer. Music venues sprawl from the city to the suburbs, and musicians flock from every corner of the country to become a part of our dynamic and supportive environment. Behind the scenes, Music Victoria has acted as the roots from which this has grown and flourished. 


A non-...

Posted 29 Mar 2017 @ 1:51pm

They say you shouldn’t try to run before you know how to walk, but in the case of I Prevail, that’s just silly.


I Prevail hit the ground running in a marathon of success and recognition, one which they are winning at an exponential rate. Currently wrapping up the North American stretch of their Lifelines tour, I Prevail have already proven themselves to be relentless, talented...

Posted 29 Mar 2017 @ 1:47pm

It seems as if West Virginia has been sitting on music gold – sticky gold, mind you.


From the swamps of the US state, several great groups have emerged into the light of day, establishing themselves as powerhouses of doom metal and shaking up the scene with a rattling rage. Cough are one of these groups, with a heavy sound bound to make eyeballs melt.

Posted 29 Mar 2017 @ 1:41pm

Bullhorn are a nine-piece band that features seven hard-hitting horn players, a bossing drummer and a frontman who is intoxicating with his rhythmic wordplay and charismatic stage presence.


After having an incredibly busy summer performing at Queenscliff Music Festival, Woodford Folk Festival and Mullum Festival, just to name a few, it’s time for Bullhorn to perform at Blenheim...

Posted 29 Mar 2017 @ 1:38pm

Despite his talent, and the sheer volume of praise and support he’s received in his young life, Ben Wright-Smith is softly spoken and completely devoid of ego.


 He stammers as he reflects upon himself and his achievements, the completion and release of his debut album The Great Divorce not greatly affecting how he sees himself on the music scene.
“It’s funny with...

Posted 24 Mar 2017 @ 9:47pm

Singer/songwriter Liz Stringer has always been the busiest of bees, and thus far 2017 is no different.


Straight off the back of a solid ten months of touring her album All The Bridges in the US and Canada, Stringer is hunched over her computer, busily preparing some last minute details for her run of Australian shows next month, all to be a little different from her northern...

Posted 24 Mar 2017 @ 2:37pm

“What’s happening at the moment, and it’s an awesome movement that needed to happen, is more and more women are taking control of their careers and opportunities, by learning to produce, by running events, by climbing that ladder to be the person that then books and mentors others. That’s how we level a playing field, by doing it.”


You may know Jane Elizabeth Hanley as Kids at...

Posted 24 Mar 2017 @ 1:56pm

He may have over two decades of experience under his belt, but it’s been nearly four years since Bob Evans, the alter ego and solo project of Jebediah frontman Kevin Mitchell, has taken to the stage in all his solo glory.


Having toured alongside good friend Josh Pyke in late 2016, Evans is well and truly warmed up for an extensive three-month tour across Australia, and ready to...

Posted 24 Mar 2017 @ 9:32am

Following a swell of curious buzz prompted by a mysterious YouTube video, a new single, and an oddly cryptic Facebook chat bot, Northlane has revealed their huge announcement to be the surprise arrival of new album Mesmer.


“It was meant to get people excited, but without really knowing what they’re excited for,” says frontman Marcus Bridge, of the unorthodox release. “We like a...

Posted 23 Mar 2017 @ 12:33pm

With our Voice For Change coverage so far, we've talked with some of the most prominent names in the Australian music and sports world. Now, we sit down with the next generation of creators who are using their passions as a force of positivity. Let's meet Krown & Malesh P. 


Why do you think a program such as Voice for Change that aims to inspire youth and create positivity...

Posted 22 Mar 2017 @ 12:57pm


By every right, Alter Bridge should’ve been viewed as a major contender in the realm of big-swinging post-grunge from the second they kicked off in earnest toward the middle of the 2000s.
There was just one minor thing holding them back in a lot of people's eyes – save for vocalist Myles Kennedy, every member of the band was previously a member of much-maligned Christian...

Posted 22 Mar 2017 @ 11:28am

The trio of Lea, Rosa and Petra Rumwaropen are three sisters who have come together to form The Black Sistaz.


They’re three West Papuan singers with a powerful message – stand strong for a free West Papua. The now Australian-based family has endured many hardships through their lineage, which The Black Sistaz communicate through their music as one of a journey of living a life...

Posted 22 Mar 2017 @ 11:23am

Being one of the most prominent players in the electronic music scene and touring the world as one half of renowned duo Orbital, Phil Hartnoll has helped produce some of the most iconic moments in electronic music history.


Furthermore, he has firmly established himself as one of the most electric solo DJs through his extensive touring that spans over a decade.

Posted 22 Mar 2017 @ 11:21am

The poster for this year’s annual Cherry Rock festival features a kangaroo wearing a cut-off denim jacket, staring out from the page with menacing eyes.


Behind the poster art lies a story, and James Young, Cherry Bar owner and booker and principal organising mind behind Cherry Rock, wants to tell it. 
“Twenty odd years ago I was going to Meredith with some mates,...

Posted 22 Mar 2017 @ 11:13am

A musician’s rise to fame isn’t always underlined by songwriting distinction – artists can garner acclaim for their charisma and accuracy on the live stage before developing a musical skeleton.


When ‘50s and ‘60s inspired soul’n’roll revivalists Vintage Trouble surfaced in 2010, records were simply merch desk fillers. Electrified by the verve ofostentatious frontman Ty Taylor,...

Posted 21 Mar 2017 @ 3:02pm

Esteemed music festival Inner Varnika will return in its strongest form for what will prove to be a grand fourth year.


Situated in a unique location two hours from Melbourne, Inner Varnika provides an opportunity for three days over the Easter weekend to strip away the stress and social pressure of the city, nurturing a unique environment of compassion, catharsis and freedom of...

Posted 21 Mar 2017 @ 11:30am

Bluesfest 2017 is shaping up to be a festival like no other. While we all know the lineup is absolutely huge and featuring some massive names, let's take a closer look at some of Beat's favourite acts taking to the stage at this year's event.  


1. Vintage Trouble


The self-branded "Trouble Makers" blew away Bluesfest audiences with their blistering sets at the...

Posted 20 Mar 2017 @ 5:44pm

After a long exploration through the classical, progressive rock and jazz worlds, Roni Shewan has finally found herself in the trip-hop stylings of her solo project, Shiver Canyon.


The debut release almost timelines Shewan’s journey through the musical realms. Incorporating ambient and dream like electronic, pop and rock sounds, it’s the fluttering, carefree nature of Shiver...

Posted 17 Mar 2017 @ 2:54pm

Five years ago the Violent Femmes’ bassist and co-founder, Brian Ritchie, became an Australian citizen and he hasn’t looked back since.


He and his wife settled in Hobart in 2008 and he set about establishing himself in the local arts scene. As curator of MONA FOMA Festival he has a keen eye and a sound ear for what works – what people want and how to make it happen. “MONA FOMA...

Posted 17 Mar 2017 @ 12:26pm

Long Island pop-punk veterans Taking Back Sunday have always had somewhat of a revolving-door lineup, with only guitarist Eddie Reyes serving as the sole constant throughout their 18-year lifespan.


Hell, for a time there you could even buy official t-shirts from the band with “I USED TO BE IN TAKING BACK SUNDAY” written in big block letters across it. This added to the initial...

Posted 15 Mar 2017 @ 1:56pm

So far, we've caught up with the likes of DiafrixSampa The Great, ...

Posted 15 Mar 2017 @ 12:46pm

The ever talented Morgan Steinmeyer Håkansson formed the band known as Marduk.


 Their musical style was that of a straightforward death metal band, with an influenced take on black metal music. Having travelled around the globe and back again within a career spanning just shy of three decades, the band are super excited to bring their show to Australia.
It was a...

Posted 15 Mar 2017 @ 12:44pm

Tracey Miller is one of those people whose passion for music permeates every aspect of her life, and the happiness it brings her is tangible.


Rather than give up playing guitar after a freak accident with a louvre blind that saw her lose use of her left hand, she learned to use her hand again, and developed her own playing style. Yearly trips to Hawaii have seen...

Posted 15 Mar 2017 @ 12:41pm

We often get so swept up by others’ exploits and desires that our aspirations and interests in life can be overshadowed and sometimes forgotten.


A revelation at the beginning of this century poised to mantle Cameron Avery’s music foundation. Emerging from a jazz-infused upbringing, Avery was just beginning to grapple rock’n’roll when he met Kevin Parker. His next decision could...

Posted 15 Mar 2017 @ 12:41pm

A truly authentic boutique music experience, By The Meadow is returning for its fourth year.


The now three-day, two-night festival is held just an hour and a half out of Melbourne in Bambra, nestled in Victoria’s Otway Hinterlands. With a focus on locally sourced talent, the picturesque setting will play host to a stellar lineup of up-and-coming Aussie acts as well as those...

Posted 15 Mar 2017 @ 12:33pm

Trying to track both the recording and touring history of Bonnie Raitt is like trying to track the history of the British monarchy – it’s extensive, involved and incredibly successful.


The American blues singer has toured extensively for nearly ten months out of each year she’s been active, won ten Grammy Awards and released an arsenal of material. Last year’s Dig In Deep was...

Posted 15 Mar 2017 @ 12:31pm

The exiled Roman poet Ovid once wrote, "Suppressed grief suffocates, it rages within the breast, and is forced to multiply its strength".


He was talking about what can happen if unchecked grief festers, takes root, spreads, and corrupts our thoughts. On Windhand’s third full-length album Grief’s Infernal Flower, they have used the idiom of doom metal to mediate on melancholia...

Posted 15 Mar 2017 @ 12:29pm

Later this month, the Footscray Community Arts Centre (FCAC) will be hosting Australia’s third iteration of WOW: Women of the World Festival.


WOW is an international movement, birthed in London in 2011, and since spreading across five continents to celebrate women’s achievements and discuss the challenges remaining.
Closing WOW 2017’s program on Saturday March 25...

Posted 15 Mar 2017 @ 12:27pm

It’s easy to see why so many people are hooked on Paul Croler’s (AKA Cakeboy’s) tasty breakbeats.


He earned his well-deserved reputation as a determined all-live act in the clubs of Brighton during the late ‘90s. “It was challenging in the early days - if you wanted to play live, you had to lug all the hardware on stage,” he says. “I had samplers and effects units and keyboards...

Posted 15 Mar 2017 @ 12:21pm

Though James Mercer, frontman of indie rock darling The Shins technically began work on the band's new album, Heartworms, about two years ago, he confesses his songwriting is far from a linear process.


Mercer’s writing is a labour of love, and some songs on the record have been in the works for close to ten years.
“I’ve always done that, there’s always these ideas...