TL;DR This Week In Cinema: Gods And Monsters, Magic And Misery

Money Monster and The Measure Of A Man deal with the harsh economic truths we're having to face. They're two sides of the same coin - the story of the wealthy, and the story of the everyman. If stomaching hard truth is not what you seek in a night out, then God Willing has the goods.    Until next week!

TL;DR This Month In Cinema: All Of May's Biggest Movie Trailers In One Place

Chasing Asylum, Keanu and The Hunt For The Wilderpeople would top my list on any given week, as perhaps would X-Men: Apocalypse. But I am off to explore the world for a bit, and will have to binge them all on my return. Stay curious, cinemagoers!  

TL;DR This Week In Cinema: Marvel's Civil War Begins, And The Verdict On The Best Of The Bunch

For the purpose of encouraging conversation, I sent some of you to your cinematic doom, and for that I apologise. Conscientious objectors and those suffering from post-traumatic Snyder disorder have the right to see Green Room and An with no regrets. But for the rest of us, the lines have been drawn, and the battle is unavoidable. It's time to pick your side.  Until next time!

TL;DR This Week In Cinema: Fliers, Failures, Freaks And Footscray

Support your local industry and get on down to Pawno. Lord knows we need more diverse storytelling in Australia. But after you've done your patriotic duty, join me at a screening of Marguerite. Cover your ears and open your heart.  Until next week!

TL;DR This Week In Cinema: Batfleck Vs Superman Vs Wonder Woman Vs Others

As a cultural conversation piece alone, Batman Vs Superman warrants a viewing. It's unlikely to decisively elect a winner from its two heavyweight contenders, but it should at least end the debate over which comic book universe rules the screen. My money's on Marvel.  Until next week!

TL;DR This Week In Cinema: Here There Be Monsters, Dancers And Skiers

My vote was always going to be with 10 Cloverfield Lane, but Victoria is such an exciting find that I'm almost willing to hop off the hype train and vote against my own hopes. Almost.  Until next week!

TL;DR This Week In Cinema: From Homelessness To Heists, Top-Notch To Twaddle

Google Play have misstepped and had you running from your house just to avoid the possibility of accidentally seeing Bling. You need an escape. You need your love for animation rekindled. You need The Boy And The Beast.  Until next week!

TL;DR This Week In Cinema

Honestly, there's only one film I wouldn't see this week - otherwise, take your pick of two big goofy action flicks, a sly homage to cinema's 'golden age' or a harrowing historical drama. Well, at least the one told with some goddamn integrity.  Until next week! BY DAVID MOLLOY

Remembering The Man To Screen at Melbourne Queer Film Festival

Remembering The Man will screen at Cinema Nova on Sunday April 17, and at Melbourne Queer Film Film Festival on Thursday April 7.


Flickerfest's 2016 Melbourne incarnation is happening at Kino Cinemas on Wednesday February 17. 

TL;DR This Week In Cinema

Amidst all the self-seriousness, it's Sherpa that has the strongest message, and the one most often unheard. Plus they're having fundraising screenings so your money will go to something a little more world-shaping than Will Smith's next father-son outing. Also, if you're trying to quit smoking, you may want to avoid Trumbo.  Until next week!

TL;DR This Week In Cinema

It's a no-brainer for the comic book fans. Brooklyn has the feels tied down, and Zoolander 2 may surprise us; but for once in his life, Deadpool may just be the most attractive option.  Until next week!

ACMI to Screen Miranda July's The Future

The Future will screen at ACMI from Thursday February 25 to Saturday March 5.

TL;DR This Week In Cinema

The day I recommend anything - including outdoor activity - over a Charlie Kaufman film is the day I hand in my critic's hat. And that day is never coming. I happen to like this hat.  Until next week!

Flickerfest Returns To Melbourne

It's happening at Kino Cinemas on Wednesday February 17.

Shadow Electric Outdoor Cinema Reveal Second 2016 Program

Head to shadowelectric.com.au for full details and tickets.

TL;DR This Week In Cinema

Room is a film designed to renew your passion for the world, to see it with fresh eyes. It will be a hard journey, but the rewards will be great. And besides, if you don't like reading subtitles, your only other choices this week will make you feel like yourself have been Fritzled.  Until next week!

Transitions Film Festival Reveals Full 2016 Program

The 5th Transitions Film Festival will run from Thursday February 18 - Thursday March 3 at Cinema Nova.

An Outdoor Cinema Is Coming To The MCG

Cinema At The G' kicks off on Friday February 12 and Saturday February 13.

The Shadow Electric To Host Tribute Screening of David Bowie's Labyrinth

It's happening on Saturday January 30. Tickets here. 

The Hateful Eight

The Hateful Eight is in cinemas now. 

TL;DR This Week In Cinema

It's been a real bastard of a week, so why not share it with someone you hate? The Hateful Eight has everything you need to escape - it's loud, offensive, brash, will make any cinephile feel like a kid in a candy store, and has absolutely nothing in it to remind us of the great artists we've lost this week.  Until next week!

Stringybark Cinema Opens Up For Summer

Stringybark Cinema will run until Saturday February 13. Visit their website for more details.

Movies by the Bay Lock In Free Outdoor Cinema

It all goes down every Friday in January at Logan Reserve, Altona and Commonwealth Reserve, Williamstown. Head to Movies by the Bay for more details.

Julian Rosefeldt: Manifesto

Julian Rosefeldt: Manifesto is currently open at ACMI until Sunday March 13. Head to acmi.net.au for more information.

The Shadow Electric's 2016 Summer Film Program

The Shadow Electric will be open to the public from Saturday January 2 - Sunday April 10. Visit their website for more information. 

St Kilda Film Festival 2016 Calling For Entries

The St Kilda Film Festival will run from Thursday May 19 until Saturday May 28 at St Kilda Town Hall. For more information and to submit your entries head to the festival's website.