Aquaman was always ridiculous, but the film takes it to the next level

Aquaman is released in Australia on Wednesday December 26.

Transitions Film Festival is aiming to educate people and inspire a positive shift in culture

Transitions Film Festival will run from Thursday February 22 until Friday March 9 at Cinema Nova, Carlton and Loop Project Space and Bar.

The Melbourne Women in Film Festival is showcasing the diversity of work that women are doing in the film industry

Melbourne Women in Film Festival 2018 runs from Thursday February 22 until Sunday February 25 across ACMI, HOYTS Melbourne Central and RMIT cinemas. You can find full details via the festival website, mwff.org.au. 

Greg Sestero of 'The Room' will appear live in Melbourne

Cinema Nova’s Q&A screenings run on Tuesday November 21 and Wednesday November 22. Tickets via Cinema Nova’s website.

TL;DR This Week In Cinema: Cars Of All Shapes And Sizes

This is one of those "anything but Transformers" deals, so... I dunno, ay. Detour looks pretty good. I guess Cars 3? The best thing about it is you don't have to have seen Cars 2.Until next week!

TL;DR This Week In Cinema: Not All That Despicable

I want to say The Promise, because the Armenian genocide is historically overlooked. But it seems like it may not be as potent as its leads would have you believe. So, if you're not already locked in to the Film Fest, it's time for some California dreamin' with All Eyez On Me. Until next week!

James Young's Movie Club Premieres At The Rooftop Drive-In, With Atomic Riot Supporting

Catch the first of James Young's Movie Club delights on Saturday June 10 at Rooftop Drive-In Cinema. Tickets available via the website.

TL;DR This Week In Cinema: Wonder Women Everywhere

I wish I could take back every premature recommendation I've ever afforded a DC Film; so this time around, Gal Gadot takes a well-earned second place. Hounds Of Love will be the endurance test horror fans are after, but for broader feels and appeals, look no further than those we owe our lives to: 20th Century Women. Until next week!

TL;DR This Week In Cinema: The King Is Back To Rule The Jungle (And The Box Office)

I promise I'm not leading you into another Suicide Squad - I've seen it, I love it, and this should come as no surprise. Fuck helicopters, it's Kong time!  Until next week!

TL;DR This Week In Cinema: A Trio Of Masters, A Trio Of Busters

Masterminds is apparently disastrous, so this was a no-brainer. It's time to get monstrous with Shin Godzilla.  Until next week!

TL;DR This Week In Cinema: There's Something In The Woods

Last week, I suggested Girl Asleep and I wish to reiterate - see Girl Asleep, it's amazing. Once it's over, stay among the trees: leap into a heartwarming adventure with Pete's Dragon, or prepare to be destroyed by Blair Witch.     Until next week!

TL;DR This Week In Cinema: Nick Cave, Louis Theroux, Tom Hanks and More

If you're a Nick Cave fan - and god help you if you aren't - One More Time With Feeling can't be missed. It's your first glimpse of the album and a truly intimate encounter with a legend of our music scene. While parents take their younguns off to The Secret Life Of Pets, I recommend you check out Girl Asleep for whimsical fun (and Aussie support) and/or My Scientology Movie to have your conspiracy senses tickled yet again.  Until next week!

TL;DR This Week In Cinema: Blood Is Not Thicker Than Your Screenplay Consultant

I'm happy if you see anything that isn't Blood Father, honestly. Mechanic: Resurrection is also, like most things back from the dead, well worth avoiding. Time to get spooped, kids. Head on down the Eight Mile and check in to Don't Breathe.   Until next week!

Melbourne Underground Film Festival Announces 2016 Program

The Melbourne Underground Film Festival runs from Friday September 9 - Saturday September 17 at the Alex Theatre and Backlot Cinema. Head to their website for full program details. 

Korean Film Festival: Best of the Fest

KOREAN FILM FESTIVAL MELBOURNE runs from Thursday September 1 - Thursday September 8 at ACMI.

TL;DR This Week In Cinema: Bad Tropes, Bad Habits & Damn Good Satire

Down Under, mate! No question. Dig deep into your own culture cringe and either laugh, or learn, or both.  Until next week!

TL;DR This Week In Cinema: Squad Goals, Sweetheart

Alright, DC. You get one more chance, and if you blow it, I'm out. At least until Wonder Woman. As you all knew it would be, Suicide Squad is my pick of the week. Let's get loony.  Until next week!

Louis Theroux: My Scientology Movie

Louis Theroux: My Scientology Movie screens Saturday August 13 at Hoyts Melbourne Central as part of the 2016 Melbourne International Film Festival. 

TL;DR This Week In Cinema: Space(d), Spooks and 'Splosions

This is a solid week! The Killing Joke packs hecka punches with its lineup and thematics, but it looks like the blockbuster takes the cake again. It's the Fast & Furious / Spaced mash-up you never knew you wanted.   Until next week!

Melbourne's Forgotten Railway Line Explored in Documentary Night

Melbourne’s Forgotten Railway – The Outer Circle Line: a steam-era train line that once ran through Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, will screen at RMIT, Building 80, on Friday July 29. Tickets via PTUA.

TL;DR This Week In Cinema: Turns Out, Ghostbusters is Pretty Damn Good

Swiss Army Man and Sing Street both promise a great deal of joy that's been lacking from the screen for a while, and Our Kind Of Traitor seems tight enough to thrill. But really, there's no debate. Put your fedora away. See Ghostbusters. Have a blast.  Until next week!